The open source multicloud control plane.

Manage your cloud-native applications and infrastructure across environments, clusters, regions and clouds.

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Provision managed services

Provision the managed services your applications depend on using ‘kubectl.’

Securely consume managed services such as PostgreSQL, Redis, Buckets and more, from your choice of cloud on-premises.

Extend Crossplane by adding your own Stack.

Add new resources and controllers to Crossplane by extending existing Stacks or building your own.

Extend Crossplane by adding your own Stack
Schedule workloads across clusters, regions and clouds

Schedule workloads across clusters, regions and clouds.

Define complete applications with managed service dependencies for scheduling across clusters and regions to balance reliability, cost, and performance.

Manage multiple clusters from a single control plane.

Provision and manage Kubernetes clusters: bring your own clusters or generate on demand, with common configuration and policy.

Manage multiple clusters from a single control plane

The many flavors of infrastructure we support

Crossplane supports your choice of infrastructure and enables anyone to add their own.

google cloud aws microsoft azure pivotal coming soon

Help support these features and add new ones

The Blueprint for the Open Cloud

A strong separation of concerns.

Developers can define workloads without worrying about implementation details, environment constraints, or policies. Administrators can define environment specifics, and policies. Enable a higher degree of reusability and reduce complexity.

Workload portability across cloud providers.

As a multicloud workload and resource orchestrator, Crossplane manages workloads (container, serverless, others) and resources they consume (databases, message queues, buckets, data pipelines, and others) across clouds and on-premise environments.

Open source that doesn’t have an agenda.

Crossplane is open source software released under the Apache 2.0 license. Crossplane is a true community-driven effort to define a control plane that can span multiple cloud providers, many regions and offerings.

Built with high levels of extensibility.

Leverages tried and tested Kubernetes machinery to provide a high level of extensibility around APIs, resource controllers, schedulers and other components. This empowers the community to build on top of it easily.

Full lifecycle management of resources.

A resource controller is responsible for the entire lifecycle of a resource. This resource is responsible for provisioning, health, scaling, failover, and actively responding to external changes that deviate from the desired configuration.

open cloud blueprint

“Crossplane has an opportunity to change the cloud industry as we know it.”

“Our customers are increasingly looking for a way to deploy their code across multiple cloud environments. The choices available today are too complex and vendor-driven, but with Crossplane, the ability to orchestrate clouds becomes simple. We look forward to collaborating with them on this vision and as the first complex app running on Crossplane.”

Sid Sijbrandij
Sid Sijbrandij
CEO and Co-Founder of GitLab

“We share the vision of having truly cloud-agnostic managed services.”

“Crossplane will make it possible for organizations to take deeper ownership of where they want to run their services and how they manage their application data. Kudos to the Upbound team for architecting and delivering this critical, open source and community driven component of the cloud-neutral future.”

Spencer Kimball
Spencer Kimball
CEO and Founder of Cockroach Labs

“Crossplane has the ability to be at the heart of tomorrow’s multicloud deployments.”

“It's exciting to see open cloud standards like Crossplane emerge, that will allow new multicloud technologies like YugabyteDB to take advantage of the broader cloud ecosystem, on-premise and in-public cloud. Future work with and is a natural fit with the Kubernetes ecosystem.”

Karthik Ranganathan
Karthik Ranganathan
Co-Founder and CTO of Yugabyte

“We created Crossplane to empower organizations to use the best of all the clouds.”

“Having a control plane that is able to schedule and orchestrate portable workloads across cloud providers, regions, and on-premises while still using best-of-breed managed services allows organizations to improve availability, geographic presence, as well as optimize for cost.”

Bassam Tabbara
CEO and Founder of Upbound

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