The cloud native control plane framework

Build control planes without needing to write code. Crossplane has a highly extensible backend that enables you to orchestrate applications and infrastructure no matter where they run, and a highly configurable frontend that lets you define the declarative API it offers.

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Provision and manage cloud infrastructure

Don’t start from scratch

The best platforms are built on control planes, but historically building a control plane has required writing code—a lot of code. With Crossplane you can build a control plane tailored to your unique needs in days, not months, without writing tricky distributed systems code. Design element


Created to power open platforms

We built Crossplane to help organizations build their platforms like the cloud vendors build theirs—with control planes. Crossplane is an open source, CNCF project built on the foundation of Kubernetes to orchestrate anything. Encapsulate policies, permissions, and other guardrails behind a custom API line to enable your customers to self-service without needing to become an infrastructure expert.

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Extensible by Design

Crossplane is designed from the ground up with extension in mind. From Providers that extend Crossplane to orchestrate new kinds of applications and infrastructure, to Configurations that extend Crossplane to expose new APIs, our community will help you find what you need to build your ideal control plane. Interested in building your own extensions?

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Compose infrastructure for your applications

Putting you in control

Most platforms require that you buy into their opinionated API concepts. With Crossplane you can build a platform around your own opinions. We know the best control planes are tailored to the task at hand so we designed Crossplane as a framework that puts you in control. Use Crossplane to design a control plane that exposes declarative APIs tailored to your unique orchestration needs. Design element

Control planes - the future of cloud

The cloud vendors have been building with control planes for years. Now Crossplane helps you do the same. Control planes are self-healing—they automatically correct drift. Consumers can self-service fast because control planes offer a single point of control for policy and permissions and control planes integrate easily with other systems because they expose an API, not just a command-line.

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Run Crossplane anywhere

Built on a Solid Foundation

Crossplane builds on the class leading Kubernetes control plane, extending its battle hardened reliability and security features like Role Based Access Control (RBAC) to orchestrate everything - not just containers. Because Crossplane shares a foundation with Kubernetes it integrates smoothly with most popular cloud native tools. Design element

Why use Crossplane to build control planes?

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Declarative configuration

Crossplane lets you build a control plane with Kubernetes-style declarative and API-driven configuration and management for anything. Through this approach, applications and infrastructure managed through your control plane are self-healing right out of the box.


Unify application and infrastructure configuration and deployment

Crossplane enables application and infrastructure configuration to co-exist in the same control plane, reducing the complexity of your toolchains and deployment pipelines.


One source of truth for infrastructure configuration and setup

Control planes built with Crossplane integrate with CI/CD pipelines, so teams can create, track, and approve changes using GitOps best practices.


Automate operational tasks with reconciling controllers

Your control planes are made up of several controllers, which are responsible for the entire lifecycle of a resource. Each resource is responsible for provisioning, health, scaling, failover, and actively responding to external changes that deviate from the desired configuration.


Built with high levels of extensibility

Control planes built with Crossplane leverage broadly accepted Kubernetes patterns, making it easily extensible by adding your own APIs and controllers. Increase flexibility and security by baking policies, quotas, and permissions into a custom definition.


A strong separation of concerns.

Crossplane lets you bake in organisational concepts and policy at the API level, allowing your customers the freedom to self-service within the bounds of the control plane APIs you've defined.

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Crossplane is open source and community driven

Crossplane is an open source control plane framework supported by the cloud-native community. Crossplane has been endorsed by some of the world's best companies and is released under the Apache 2.0 license. We remain committed to our community and will always be vendor neutral.

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We are a Cloud Native Computing Foundation project.

Learn more and get involved with the community

Join the conversation and help shape the evolution of Crossplane. Here are a few ways to get started.



Join the Crossplane team and community members in our Slack group.



Watch and star Crossplane on GitHub and follow our progress.



Join us discussing features and upcoming news for Crossplane.



Listen to The Binding Status, a podcast from the Crossplane community, to learn more about the project and its users.

You can also join us every other week for our community meeting call to discuss Crossplane