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Compose cloud infrastructure and services into custom platform APIs

Crossplane is an open source Kubernetes add-on that enables platform teams to assemble infrastructure from multiple vendors, and expose higher level self-service APIs for application teams to consume, without having to write any code.

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Provision and manage cloud infrastructure

Provision and manage cloud infrastructure and services using kubectl

Crossplane extends your Kubernetes cluster, providing you with CRDs for any infrastructure or managed service. Compose these granular resources into higher level abstractions that can be versioned, managed, deployed and consumed using your favorite tools and existing processes you've already integrated with your clusters.


Created to power a more open cloud

We built Crossplane to help organizations build their clouds like the cloud vendors build theirs—with a control plane. Crossplane is a CNCF project which extends the Kubernetes API to manage and compose infrastructure. Operators can encapsulate policies, permissions, and other guardrails behind a custom API line generated by Crossplane while application developers can self-service from the API without needing to become an infrastructure expert.

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There is a flavor of infrastructure for everyone on Crossplane

Crossplane supports infrastructure from all the major cloud providers and our community is constantly working on new Providers. You can always join our Slack channel if you are interested in contributing and our amazing community members would be happy to help you write your own Provider.

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Compose infrastructure for your applications

Publish simplified infrastructure abstractions for your applications

Build your own internal infrastructure abstractions on top of the CRDs Crossplane provides. Your custom APIs can include policy guardrails, hiding infrastructure complexity and making it safe for applications to consume.

The Universal Cloud API

Crossplane provides a consistent API across a diverse set of vendors, resources, and abstractions. The Crossplane Resource Model (XRM) extends the Kubernetes Resource Model (KRM) in an opinionated way, resulting in a uniform experience for managing resources, no matter what provider or vendor built them.

Manage complete applications with the Open Application Model
Run Crossplane anywhere

Run Crossplane anywhere

Whether you're using a single Kubernetes cluster in EKS, AKS, GKE, ACK, PKS or a multi-cluster manager like Rancher or Anthos, Crossplane integrates nicely with all of them. Crossplane installs into any existing cluster exposing CRDs and a standard API across infrastructure and service providers making provisioning and management a breeze.

Why use Crossplane to manage both applications and infrastructure?

Declarative infrastructure configuration

Crossplane brings Kubernetes-styled declarative and API-driven configuration and management to any piece of infrastructure, on-premises and in the cloud. Through this approach, infrastructure managed through Crossplane is accessible via kubectl, configurable with YAML, and self-healing right out of the box.

Unify application and infrastructure configuration and deployment

Crossplane enables application and infrastructure configuration to co-exist on the same Kubernetes cluster, reducing the complexity of your toolchains and deployment pipelines.

One source of truth for infrastructure configuration and setup

Crossplane integrates with CI/CD pipelines so application infrastructure configuration is stored in a single control cluster. Teams can create, track, and approve changes using GitOps best practices already in use.

Automate operational tasks with reconciling controllers

A resource controller is responsible for the entire lifecycle of a resource. This resource is responsible for provisioning, health, scaling, failover, and actively responding to external changes that deviate from the desired configuration.

Built with high levels of extensibility

Crossplane leverages broadly accepted Kubernetes patterns, making it easily extensible by adding your own APIs and controllers. Increase flexibility and security by baking policies, quotas, and permissions into a custom infrastructure definition.

A strong separation of concerns.

Developers can define workloads without worrying about implementation details, environment constraints, or policies. Administrators can define environment specifics and policies. Enable a higher degree of reusability and reduce complexity.

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Crossplane is open source and community driven

Crossplane is an open source add-on for Kubernetes supported by the cloud-native community. Crossplane has been endorsed by some of the world's best companies and is released under the Apache 2.0 license. We remain committed to our community and will always be vendor neutral.

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We are a Cloud Native Computing Foundation project.

Learn more and get involved with the community

Join the conversation and help shape the evolution of Crossplane. Here are a few ways to get started.



Join the Crossplane team and community members in our Slack group.



Watch and star Crossplane on GitHub and follow our progress.



Join us discussing features and upcoming news for Crossplane.



Listen to The Binding Status, a podcast from the Crossplane community, to learn more about the project and its users.

You can also join us every other week for our community meeting call to discuss Crossplane