PLEASE NOTE: This document applies to v1.8 version and not to the latest release v1.9

Documentation for other releases can be found by using the version selector in the top right of any doc page.

API Documentation

The Crossplane ecosystem contains many CRDs that map to API types represented by external infrastructure providers. The documentation for these CRDs are auto-generated on To find the CRDs available for providers maintained by the Crossplane organization, you can search for the Github URL, or append it in the URL path.

For instance, to find the CRDs available for provider-azure, you would go to:

By default, you will be served the latest CRDs on the master branch for the repository. If you prefer to see the CRDs for a specific version, you can append the git tag for the release:

Crossplane repositories that are not providers but do publish CRDs are also served on For instance, the crossplane/crossplane repository.

Bugs and feature requests for API documentation should be opened as issues on the open source repo.