PLEASE NOTE: This document applies to v0.7 version and not to the latest release v0.12

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Developer Guide

Welcome to the Crossplane Developer Guide!


Infra Stacks like stack-gcp, stack-aws, and stack-azure extend Crossplane to support managed service provisioning (databases, caches, buckets), secure connectivity (VPCs, subnets, peering, ACLs, secrets), and provisioning managed Kubernetes clusters on demand to further isolate the blast radius of applications.

Infra Stacks are typically pre-built and published to the Stacks registry, where they can be installed by a cluster administrator using a ClusterStackInstall kind via the Kubernetes API or with the stack install command.

App Stacks depend on Infra Stacks like stack-gcp, stack-aws, or stack-azure to provide the managed services they depend on via the Kubernetes API.

App Stacks may also be pre-built and published to the Stacks registry where they can be deployed by application teams using a StackInstall kind via the Kubernetes API or with the stack install command.

Infra Stacks

Using Infra Stacks

The Crossplane Services Guide shows how to use existing Infra Stacks to deploy a Wordpress Deployment that securely consumes a MySQL instance from GCP, AWS, or Azure all from kubectl.

Building Infra Stacks

Infra Stacks are out-of-tree Crossplane extensions that can be built and published on their own schedule separate from the core Crossplane repos.

Crossplane enables the community to build a modular, open cloud control plane where any cloud service or capability can be added using the Stack Manager, an extension manager for the Kubernetes API. Crossplane Stacks simplify the work required to build, publish, install and manage control plane extensions with a powerful RBAC permission model, integrated dependency management, and more.

The Services Developer Guide shows how to:

App Stacks

Using App Stacks

The Crossplane Stacks Guide guide shows how to use a portable App Stack that can deploy with any Infra Stack including: stack-gcp, stack-aws, or stack-azure.

Building App Stacks

To learn how to build a “Hello World” Stack see the Stacks Quick Start.

For a complete App Stack, see the portable Wordpress App Stack with a kubebuilder-based app Controller that owns a WordressInstance CRD, builds a complete KubernetesApplication, and automates much of what’s covered in the Crossplane Services Guide plus dynamic cluster provisioning, so you can provision a complete Wordpress app instance from kubectl using a single Kubernetes object.

Learn More

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