PLEASE NOTE: This document applies to v0.1 version and not to the latest release v0.2

Documentation for other releases can be found by using the version selector in the top right of any doc page.

Quick Start Guide

This quick start will demonstrate using Crossplane to deploy a portable stateful workload in the cloud provider of your choice. It will first dynamically provision a Kubernetes cluster within the cloud provider environment, followed by a stateful application and its database to the same environment. The database will also be dynamically provisioned using a managed service hosted by the cloud provider. The Workload will be deployed into the target Kubernetes cluster, and be configured to consume the database resource in a completely portable way.

The general steps for this example are as follows:

  1. Install Crossplane so it is ready to manage resources on your behalf: Install Crossplane
  2. Set up a cloud provider and add it to Crossplane: Adding a Cloud Provider
  3. Deploy a portable workload to the cloud provider: Deploying Workloads