PLEASE NOTE: This document applies to an unreleased version of Crossplane. It is strongly recommended that you only use official releases of Crossplane, as unreleased versions are subject to changes and incompatibilities that will not be supported in the official releases.

If you are using an official release version of Crossplane, you should refer to the documentation for your specific version.

Documentation for other releases can be found by using the version selector in the top right of any doc page.

Adding Your Cloud Providers

In order for Crossplane to be able to manage resources across all your clouds, you will need to add your cloud provider credentials to Crossplane. Use the links below for specific instructions to add each of the following cloud providers:

Examining Cloud Provider Configuration

When Crossplane is installed, you can list all of the available providers.

$ kubectl api-resources  | grep providers.*crossplane | awk '{print $2}'

After credentials have put in place for some of the Cloud providers, you can list those configurations.

$ kubectl -n crossplane-system get
NAME           PROJECT-ID                 AGE
gcp-provider   crossplane-example-10412   22h

$ kubectl -n crossplane-system get
NAME           REGION      AGE
aws-provider   eu-west-1   22h

$ kubectl -n crossplane-system get
NAME           AGE
azure-provider 22h