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PLEASE NOTE: This document applies to an unreleased version of Crossplane. It is strongly recommended that you only use official releases of Crossplane, as unreleased versions are subject to changes and incompatibilities that will not be supported in the official releases.

If you are using an official release version of Crossplane, you should refer to the documentation for your specific version.

Documentation for other releases can be found by using the version selector in the top right of any doc page.



Crossplane is an open source Kubernetes add-on that extends any cluster with the ability to provision and manage cloud infrastructure, services, and applications using kubectl, GitOps, or any tool that works with the Kubernetes API.

With Crossplane you can:

Separation of concerns is core to Crossplane’s approach to infrastructure and application management, so team members can deliver value by focusing on what they know best. Crossplane’s team-centric approach reflects individuals often specializing in the following roles:

Getting Started

Install Crossplane into any Kubernetes cluster to get started.